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June 26-30 @ Wake Forest University
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Release Forms

Please visit the website below to view, complete, and print the applicable forms.   We require the original notarized copies of the Generate form and Church form to be turned in to the FBC Madison Church Office.

Copy and paste into your browser:
A non-refundable Deposit of $100 is due to FBC Madison no later than Sunday, March 26.

A student will not be considered fully registered until this deposit is received.  If applicable and a student wishes to use their parking fundraiser money, they or the parent must let John know by filling in the information below.  If not, please type "N/A".

Deposit  and Payment Schedule:
March 26  $100 Deposit Due
April 30     $100 Payment Due
May 28     Final Payment Due
Thank you for completing pre-registration for 2017 Generate Youth Camp!  

Be looking in your e-mail for more information as we get closer to camp!

"For we walk by Faith, not by sight."  2 Corinthians 5:7
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